Sometimes, the loudest person in the room is also the loneliest Sometimes, the happiest person in the room is also the one feeling the deepest despair Sometimes, the angriest person in the room is also the saddest Sometimes, the most self-confident person in the room is also the one battling the lowest self-esteem Sometimes, the… Read More

Throughout the year, I learn about small businesses or indie authors/musicians/crafters who create unique offerings that would make great gifts for the holidays (or all year round). I decided to compile a few here. They’re broken into categories ranging from artisans, to self-improvement, to good reads.  If you have suggestions, send them to me to… Read More

Last Friday, I sat in the waiting room at my local urgent care, feeling stupid about letting a case of heartburn get the best of me. I’d been dealing with this heartburn pain for two weeks, after it suddenly appeared early one morning as I drove to work. The day I dragged myself to urgent… Read More

Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee and a chat. We hadn’t seen each other in seven years, when I left the private college where we worked together, to work on a daytime TV talk show. Danial is an incredible artist who’s thinking of turning a collection of her drawings into a coloring book. We… Read More

In my job as a producer for a local TV talk show, I go through pairs of scissors like crazy. The blades quickly become dulled by constantly being used to cut paper scripts and tape them onto 4” x 6” cards for the host to have handy. Or, scissors will grow legs and wander off,… Read More

Last Friday, I had an appointment with a new doctor. After decades of seeing a traditional primary care physician, a friend suggested I give a naturopath a try. She recommended one from her own doctor’s practice and I looked him up. Once I learned he was covered by my husband’s insurance, I made an appointment.… Read More

The growing allegations against Harvey Weinstein have brought out many “Me Too” stories from women and men from all walks of life. I think, if you’re a living, breathing human, you’ve had at least one “Me Too” moment. My 20’s were spent in New York City, working in an industry rife with “Me Too” moments.… Read More

I met Orlando one sweltering fall day in New York City in the 80’s. He shuffled into the diner where I worked the lunch and dinner shift, and took a seat in front of an open floor-to-ceiling window. He folded his lanky form into the chair and clasped his slender hands together, resting his chin… Read More

This is a milestone week for me. Twenty nine years ago, I tried to end a serious cocaine addiction by overdosing on Valium. To be honest, it wasn’t the cocaine that prompted the OD. A short time before downing a nearly full bottle of Valium, I was at an after-hours club in Greenwich Village, listening… Read More