Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It started out innocuously enough. Elizabeth, our assignment editor, called out, “Su, do you speak Korean?” “Yes,” I answered. “Why?” “The woman on the phone needs someone who can speak Korean.” So… I picked up the phone. The woman on the other end introduced herself and gave me her background. She… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Lately, I’ve been feeling the pull of the ocean, even though I haven’t set foot near the water. No, the ocean I’m feeling is churning inside me, calling on me to make the changes I so desperately need to make. But do I move to make the changes? No. I’m still… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (written: April 12, 2007) I saw video of a child hugging his dad, crying. Let me back up a bit. The dad, just back from Iraq, decided to surprise his son at school. Our photographer backed into the classroom first, followed by the boy’s mom. Then Dad walked in. The camera… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn (written: June 8, 2006) My Life It is what it is The storytelling That blossomed into lies The depression-fueled lows The cocaine highs The dreams that came true And those that failed miserably Money evaporating before my eyes Leaving me in the dark I fell hard But I never stayed down… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”~Emily Dickinson Yes, Su is quoting again! Seriously, I saw this and it really spoke to me. It’s so easy to shut our souls down because we are upset, tired, frustrated or depressed. I am guilty of that. My heart… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn By now, the internet and social media are teeming with stories, thoughts and opinions about the investigation into rape accusations made against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. I’m not here to add to the plethora of posts and comments, but to share a two of my favorites. This first comes from Julie… Read More

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I joined Dominatress in the winter of 1983. I had just moved in with my family, following six months living with my grandparents, who were a short bus ride away from my job in New York City. My family had settled into housing at Fort Monmouth, after renting a home on… Read More