By now, the internet and social media are teeming with stories, thoughts and opinions about the investigation into rape accusations made against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. I’m not here to add to the plethora of posts and comments, but to share a two of my favorites.

This first comes from Julie DiCaro, a columnist for and an update anchor for 670 The Score. She takes the most balanced approach to the story I’ve seen so far, in a piece entitled:  How NOT to talk about the Patrick Kane rape allegations

My other favorite post offers a very different view. Raw Charge contributor @AshOnIce wrote a heartfelt piece from the perspective of a rape victim. She does not convict Kane in her piece, but simply walks the reader through the difficult investigative process many rape victims face. The fine folks at Stanley Cup of Chowder shared this post, along with a warning that it may trigger anxiety and trauma in those who have been assaulted. It’s a heavy duty piece, but it NEEDS TO BE SHARED.

Ash’s piece is entitled: Walk a Mile

I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about domestic violence (See: The Punch seen ‘round the world), but I’ve never spoken out about rape accusations and investigations. I’m not going to start now. When I worked in TV news, I produced stories about several celebrity athletes accused of rape, only to have their accusers recant or slip quietly into the night, reputations in tatters. Did they deserve it? Were they paid off or bullied to drop the charges? We’ll never know, nor can we speculate, because these cases never went to trial.

All we can do is remain neutral, as Julie advises, until the evidence leads investigators in one direction or the other.

We should also do more to understand the challenges rape victims face; to walk in their shoes, as Ash advises, whether this investigation leads to charges or not.

Balance and empathy. It’s what we need, and what we seem to lose sight of, more and more, with each passing day.


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