“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”~Emily Dickinson

Yes, Su is quoting again!

Seriously, I saw this and it really spoke to me. It’s so easy to shut our souls down because we are upset, tired, frustrated or depressed. I am guilty of that. My heart and soul shut down, then the rest of me quickly follows. Before I know it, I’ve sunk into a pit of depression and lethargy. This usually lasts days to weeks- and takes a major event (or a good beating), to bring me out of it.

Lately, though, I’ve tried to find reasons to keep me from sinking into depression (lifelines, if you will… as in “throw me a line, I’m going down for the last time”). Anything that will light a spark of hope, which can blossom into moments of self-love.

So… the above quote comes at a very good time. It’s a good reminder to keep the door to your soul open, even if a tiny bit (ajar), so that when the next ecstatic experience arrives, it can come in– instead of bouncing off the door and ricocheting back into the stratosphere.

The quote reminds me that there’s always good around the corner, once you slog through the shit.

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