I can only remember one instance in which I fell for an April Fool’s joke. I was recalling it for a friend and thought I’d share it here as well.

It happened many moons ago, when I worked at CBS Records. I had gone out to lunch and when I returned, I found a message to call JOHNNY CASH. I was a little puzzled, because his contract wasn’t up for review, nor were we doing any PR for him at the time, even though he was on tour overseas. Our overseas divisions were handling all the PR.

But… you never know the whims of a recording artist, so I dug out all his contact numbers and started dialing. I finally tracked him down to somewhere in Europe ( I want to say Switzerland but my brain’s a little fuzzy on the exact country). Johnny was just as puzzled as I was at the message I’d received, saying he hadn’t called me, nor had anyone in his office. I wished him a happy tour and hung up.

I pondered the message for a little while, then got busy with work and put it out of my mind. Before I left for the day, my dad called to see how my day was going. Then, chuckling a little, he asked if I’d received the message he left while I was at lunch. HE had called, pretending to be JOHNNY CASH. When I told him I’d spent the better part of an hour tracking Johnny down, only to be told he hadn’t called, he was mortified, but only slightly. The rest of him was pretty pleased that he’d gotten one over on me. We still chuckle about that, and about the time I called to leave HIM a message at work, pretending to be his “good friend DOLLY PARTON.”

What’s the best April Fool’s prank you’ve ever pulled off, or been the target of? (yes, I realize this sentence is *technically* grammatically incorrect).

johnny cash

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