Yesterday morning, I awoke feeling down in the dumps. There was no mystery as to what was causing my melancholy. Yesterday was May 8th, and the 26th anniversary of my mother’s passing. Even though so much time has passed, I feel her loss as keenly as I did on that rainy day in 1991, when we gathered at her bedside at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; the room strangely silent, as all of the beeping and whirring machines that had kept her alive had been turned off. The liver that had been found for her was tucked into another patient’s body. She had been too sick to undergo the transplant that would (could?) have saved her life.

I showered and went through the motions of preparing for work. Before I left, something drew me to my office and my collection of stones and crystals. I looked them over, and was drawn to a moss agate heart nestled inside a dish of other smooth stones. I picked it up, rubbed it and slipped it into my pocket, feeling an instant sense of calm.

I held that moss agate several times during the day, feeling calm when I did so. I also found it easy to write several interviews for upcoming shows (I usually sit, hem and haw, and finally cobble something together).

When I got home last night, I visited the website Healing Crystals for You, and looked up the healing properties of moss agate. And everything clicked into place.

My stones had been packed away for nearly a year. Our move to our current home had taken place in a rush. My life since then has felt like a whirlwind, with no sense of grounding. Even the most mundane tasks have seemed to take many steps and involve lots of stress. I’ve been constantly exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a copy of YOUR LIFE IN COLOR, a new book written by my friend, psychic and cosmic coach Dougall Fraser. As I dove into the world of color energy, the whirlwind that’s been surrounding me for the past year began to abate a little. I’ve begun employing silver energy to begin turning our house into a home. I’ve been employing emerald green energy to help boost my creative energy. Things are feeling a tiny bit more stable.

Then, yesterday morning arrived, with memories that are especially painful. My heart hurt, mental and physical exhaustion overwhelmed me. I went in search of a soothing stone and found the moss agate heart.

The stone’s healing properties include: grounding the body and spirit, easing the heart and boosting creativity. And two parts of my spiritual world came together, as moss agate is green.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Check out Dougall’s book YOUR LIFE IN COLOR:

Check out the properties of moss agate (and other stones) at Healing Crystals for You:

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  • Perfect plan. And have you cleansed your stones/crystals? Today would be perfect with all of the sun and tomorrow with the full moon. I also have two Himalayan salt lamps. They help with energy clearing and Palo Santo too.

    Hugs to you friend as you navigate this time.

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