Written in 2014 I fell down a rabbit hole of sorts today. It began when I saw a post from Classical KING-FM promoting a performance by Stephen Hough. I remembered doing PR for a few of his albums when he recorded with MusicMasters and Musical Heritage Society back in the 80’s. Seeing Stephen’s albums got… Read More

Written: December 2014   December 8th is an emotional date for millions of music fans around the world. On this date, not one, but two icons were cut down in the prime of their lives and careers. December 8, 1980. New York City. Mark David Chapman walks up to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, as… Read More

Written in 2008 To many people, the Super Bowl is just another football game. The biggest football game of the season, yes, but a game nonetheless. This year, I saw the Super Bowl as the ultimate lesson in perseverance and resiliency. Wait. Did I just say resiliency? Funny, that’s just the word that Fox used… Read More

Written in 2008 “Ready?” she asked, scissors poised. I took a deep breath. “Just do it.” I closed my eyes, and heard the familiar ‘snick’ of the scissors. The next moment, my hairdresser gently placed a ponytail into my hand, containing eight inches of my hair. Eight inches that I had been growing for months.… Read More

Written in 2008   I was driving home from work on Friday when my Blackberry flashed and beeped, signalling a new message. I clicked on it to see what had crossed (yes, while I was still driving), and nearly drove off the road. It was a news bulletin and it read: Tim Russert dead at… Read More

Written: June 2008   I read a newspaper article today that really drove home the meaning of the word “Giant.” It was about a former New York Giant who decided to walk across the country to honor and raise money for 9/11 rescue workers who are battling various illnesses as a result of their heroic… Read More

Written in 2008   I LOVE HOCKEY. I freely admit it. I love everything about the game: the speed, the grace, even the violence. And after reading an article posted by Jodie over at “The Sidney Crosby Show”, http://sidcrosby.blogspot.com/2008/06/oren-koules-is-awesome.html , I have another reason to love hockey, or at least, one NHL Team owner. The… Read More

  My computer wallpaper consists of a photo featuring two hockey players: Kris Letang and Luc Bourdon. Kris’ arm is draped around Luc’s shoulders. They are both grabbing the handles of a trophy cup. Medals hang from around their necks. Luc’s face is split in a wide, joyful grin. Kris is smirking, his free hand… Read More

(My mother & me in Masan, South Korea. I think I was 4 here) Friends have asked me to write this story down for posterity. Since I now have a full-fledged blog, I figure this is as good a place as any to do it. My mom was a rabid diehard New York Yankees fan. She embraced the team… Read More