Written in 2008 To many people, the Super Bowl is just another football game. The biggest football game of the season, yes, but a game nonetheless. This year, I saw the Super Bowl as the ultimate lesson in perseverance and resiliency. Wait. Did I just say resiliency? Funny, that’s just the word that Fox used… Read More

Written in 2008 “Ready?” she asked, scissors poised. I took a deep breath. “Just do it.” I closed my eyes, and heard the familiar ‘snick’ of the scissors. The next moment, my hairdresser gently placed a ponytail into my hand, containing eight inches of my hair. Eight inches that I had been growing for months.… Read More

Written in 2008   I was driving home from work on Friday when my Blackberry flashed and beeped, signalling a new message. I clicked on it to see what had crossed (yes, while I was still driving), and nearly drove off the road. It was a news bulletin and it read: Tim Russert dead at… Read More

Written: June 2008   I read a newspaper article today that really drove home the meaning of the word “Giant.” It was about a former New York Giant who decided to walk across the country to honor and raise money for 9/11 rescue workers who are battling various illnesses as a result of their heroic… Read More

Written in 2008   I LOVE HOCKEY. I freely admit it. I love everything about the game: the speed, the grace, even the violence. And after reading an article posted by Jodie over at “The Sidney Crosby Show”, http://sidcrosby.blogspot.com/2008/06/oren-koules-is-awesome.html , I have another reason to love hockey, or at least, one NHL Team owner. The… Read More

  My computer wallpaper consists of a photo featuring two hockey players: Kris Letang and Luc Bourdon. Kris’ arm is draped around Luc’s shoulders. They are both grabbing the handles of a trophy cup. Medals hang from around their necks. Luc’s face is split in a wide, joyful grin. Kris is smirking, his free hand… Read More

(My mother & me in Masan, South Korea. I think I was 4 here) Friends have asked me to write this story down for posterity. Since I now have a full-fledged blog, I figure this is as good a place as any to do it. My mom was a rabid diehard New York Yankees fan. She embraced the team… Read More

Written in 2008 I was the National Anthem singer for my university. If there was a sport to be played, you’d see me singing the anthem before every game. Our school has an NCAA Divison I ice hockey team, so it was inevitable that we would eventually play a Canadian school, although I thought it… Read More

Written in 2008. I was honored to learn Georges included this post on his website for several years.     The first time I saw Georges Laraque on the ice, I didn’t know what to think. Here was a player who was not afraid of anything, not afraid to muscle his way through throngs of… Read More

Written: July 2008 I must confess, I am struggling and have been struggling for a little while. I’ve been writing like a fiend to mask my inner turmoil, but that turmoil seems to be clamoring more and more for my attention. I don’t need to talk about why I am struggling. I know everyone here… Read More