Written: December 2008 Last weekend, I was treated to an unusual phenomenon at Comcast Arena in Everett. I had been asked to sing the national anthem before the Silvertips took on Kootenay. As I warmed up in the women’s dressing room, Rob Ramsburgh, the team’s Director of Game Operations, popped in. After telling me the… Read More

Written: December 2008 The end of a year always brings a look back at major milestones. It also brings to mind those we have loved and lost. 2008 saw the hockey world say good-bye to a number of past and present players. Some had full and prosperous careers. Others had barely begun to live. All… Read More

Written: February 2009 I’ve been engaging in a love-hate battle all season.  And it all centers around one player.  I hate that he’s harbored a feud with one of  my favorite players for most of the season.  I hate that he’s so cocky in interviews and swaggers, even on the ice.  I hate that I can’t… Read More

Written: April 2009 There are several things you can count on happening at a hockey game: the referees will get booed; someone will go to the penalty box; and there will be some rockin’ music driving the players and the fans. Music has been a mainstay at hockey games as far back as anyone can… Read More

Written: April 2009 (NOTE: This blog was originally written in response to someone else’s blog about NHL in the South.) Just because a team is south of the Mason-Dixon line, doesn’t mean it automatically sucks. Every team has good seasons and bad seasons. That holds as true for the oldest and most established teams as… Read More

(Written: July 2009) It’s a sight that can be found at ice rinks all over the world: pint-sized hockey players gliding en masse toward the same net. The kids skate at different speeds, many going just a short distance before they fall, seemingly in slow motion, to the ice. And it doesn’t matter where the… Read More

(Written: July 2009)   Two weeks ago, our sports guys asked me to interview Ken Griffey, Senior for them. He was doing interviews live via satellite to talk about the MLB All Star Game, as well as his battle with prostate cancer. I love interviewing people. Scratch that. I love talking to people, period. I… Read More

Written: October 2009 He’s been a stalwart goaltender for theEverett Silvertips since they acquired him from the Kootenay Ice in December 2008. Spend time chatting with Thomas Heemskerk, though, and you’ll notice that he’s about as laid back in person as he is intense in net, and pretty mature for someone who doesn’t turn 20 until April. But get… Read More

Written: November 2009   Former Everett Silvertip Riley Armstrong likes to visit Western Washington during the summer. Now, he won’t have so far to travel. Riley left the Worcester Sharks (San Jose Sharks AHL affiliate) during the off-season and signed on with the Calgary Flames. He’s starting the season with the Flames’ AHL team, which… Read More