Written: August 2008   There’s an image from Friday night’s Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics that won’t leave my head… or my heart. It’s not the amazing dancers who reenacted five thousand years of China’s history in such a colorful fashion. It’s not the breathtaking way the torch was finally lit. It’s not the… Read More

Written: August 2008   One moment during the Summer Olympics catapulted me back in time more than 30 years. There was a question about a gymnast’s score. The cameras cut to a judge striding purposely across the floor. She had short black hair and was wearing a crimson blazer. She looked familiar but I didn’t… Read More

Written: September 2008   This week, I will undertake one of the most grueling events in my life. I will walk 60 miles to help raise money for and awareness of breast cancer research. I am taking part in the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk in Seattle. And the reason I signed up for this… Read More

Written in 2008 This is the story of two mothers. Both have sons who live and breathe hockey and aspire to reach that elite level- the NHL. Both boys enter the NHL draft. One gets picked to be the New York Rangers top prospect. The other learns he has a heart problem that could cause… Read More

Written: 2008 “He had an easy smile.” I’ve read those words many times, but never have they rung so true as when I use them to describe my friend James. When he smiled, his entire face lit up and you felt your own face light up, even if you were in a dark mood. James… Read More

Written: November 2008 I was watching the Penguins/Islanders game recently when a name caught my attention. “Richard Park” the announcer said, referring to an Islander player. Immediately, my interest was piqued. “Park” is commonly a Korean surname. I am half-Korean and spent my formative years in South Korea with my mother while my dad did… Read More

Written: November 2008 (Note: I know the 2005 draft had some phenomenal players. I’m only focusing on 3.) A young man stands in front of a bathroom mirror in an Ottawa hotel room. He peers at himself as he smoothes his dark brown hair down, then tries to make the ends curl up. He does… Read More

Written: December 2008 Last weekend, I was treated to an unusual phenomenon at Comcast Arena in Everett. I had been asked to sing the national anthem before the Silvertips took on Kootenay. As I warmed up in the women’s dressing room, Rob Ramsburgh, the team’s Director of Game Operations, popped in. After telling me the… Read More

Written: December 2008 The end of a year always brings a look back at major milestones. It also brings to mind those we have loved and lost. 2008 saw the hockey world say good-bye to a number of past and present players. Some had full and prosperous careers. Others had barely begun to live. All… Read More

Written: February 2009 I’ve been engaging in a love-hate battle all season.  And it all centers around one player.  I hate that he’s harbored a feud with one of  my favorite players for most of the season.  I hate that he’s so cocky in interviews and swaggers, even on the ice.  I hate that I can’t… Read More