Written: November 2009   Former Everett Silvertip Riley Armstrong likes to visit Western Washington during the summer. Now, he won’t have so far to travel. Riley left the Worcester Sharks (San Jose Sharks AHL affiliate) during the off-season and signed on with the Calgary Flames. He’s starting the season with the Flames’ AHL team, which… Read More

Written: December 2009   (Photo courtesy of the Pickard Family) The name “Pickard” instills excitement in many hockey fans… and apprehension in many hockey players, and it doesn’t matter which first name you pair with it. Chet Pickard (Photo courtesy: Scott Paulus/Milwaukee Admirals) Chet – the WHL’s Goaltender of the year in 2007-08 and 2008-09.… Read More

(This interview was originally published in summer of 2009)  Greg Scott (Photo: Toronto Marlies) We continue our conversations with Seattle Thunderbirds and Everett Silvertips players who have graduated out of the WHL, and are taking their next steps on the path to make their hockey dreams come true.  Today, we catch up with T-Bird winger… Read More

Written: November 16, 2005 I saw a video clip that brought me to tears. It shows a man cradling a child’s face in his hands as he tenderly kisses her forehead. The man is a grieving father who had just lost his son. The girl is a hospital patient who had just received the boy’s… Read More

(Originally posted: December 11, 2014) I post a lot of motivational quotes on my social media sites and receive messages from people, thanking me for being so thoughtful. I’m glad they get enjoyment and inspiration from  my posts, but in reality, I’m not posting those quotes for them. I’m posting them for myself. I’ve struggled… Read More

I stopped at my local Starbucks to do some writing this morning, but found myself distracted by what looked like an accident or crime scene at the intersection where the Starbucks sits. At first, I thought police were wrapping up a collision, but neither car I saw had too much damage and there was way… Read More

(Originally published: May 10, 2015)   My mother and I had a volatile relationship. She had a hair-trigger temper when it came to me, and when she became angry, she lashed out, striking me with whatever she could grab (frying pan, cutting board, belt). If nothing was close at hand, she’d grab handfuls of my… Read More

(Originally published: January 13, 2011)   This post is slightly hockey-related. It’s related in the fact that it’s about a hockey fan. If you’re looking for a strictly hockey story, I suggest you stop reading now. *** Her name was Marushka. Well, that’s the name she chose to use. I knew her real name once… Read More