(Originally published: July 4, 2013)   I had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin Constantine, newly reinstated head coach of the Everett Silvertips and former coach of the following teams: North Iowa Huskies (USHL) Rochester Mustangs (USHL) Kalamazoo Wings (IHL) Kansas City Blades (IHL) San Jose Sharks (NHL) Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) New Jersey Devils (NHL)… Read More

(Originally published: August 8, 2013) Another example of the tremendous hearts that beat inside hockey players. Another reminder that we need to find some way to teach our children to respect each other and end the bullying epidemic. Kudos to Matt Duchene. Best of luck to Trista and her family ♥ Duchene’s act of kindness… Read More

(Originally published: March 14, 2014) It’s been a heavy week for hockey fans, as tragedy struck players from four teams. Fans pushed rivalries aside to unite on Twitter and other social media, offering prayers, support, sharing tears and comfort. Meanwhile, four players’ families, friends and teammates struggle to make sense of the heartbreak in their… Read More

(Originally published: May 6, 2014) On May 9, 2012, I had the honor of performing the National Anthem at the Seattle Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers game at Safeco Field. The date is pretty special, because it was the day after the anniversary of my mother’s passing (May 8, 1991). For those of you who know… Read More

(Poster autographed to me by Metallica. Circa 1984) When I moved to New Jersey from Germany in 1983, I decided to pursue interests I’d never had the courage to pursue in high school. I got a job answering phones at the music publishing arm of a major record label in NYC. I joined a heavy… Read More

I drove into work today as the sun was rising, and for some reason, it brought back memories of a longer commute set to the soundtrack of Yngwie Malmsteen‘s debut album Rising Force, when I lived in New Jersey and rode the train to my job in New York City every day.  (Little Silver Rail Station,… Read More

(Originally written April 15, 2010 for the Steel Goddesses website)   Today, I made Type O Negative/Carnivore singer Peter Steele my “80’s Metal Hunk of the Day” at Facebook. Moments after posting the photo, I learned that Peter had passed away. He apparently suffered heart failure, although no “official” cause of death has been released.… Read More