(written: June 8, 2006)

My Life
It is what it is
The storytelling
That blossomed into lies
The depression-fueled lows
The cocaine highs
The dreams that came true
And those that failed miserably
Money evaporating before my eyes
Leaving me in the dark
I fell hard
But I never stayed down
Does that make me a victor
Or a sucker for more
more pain
more gain
more pride
more shame
New life
New strife
with no end in sight
Each failure increases hesitation
Do I try again?
Whats around the bend?
Wouldnt it be easier to lie down
and never wake?
But I cant do that
For Ians sake
Pick yourself up, girl!
Take a look around you!
My brain chides, cajoles and berates
Pick yourself up
Theres nothing wrong with
your legs
your eyes
your brain
Take it all in
Use the lessons youve learned
Brace for those yet to come
Some may not be pleasant
Some may be quite fun
But whatever you meet
Face it with your head held high
It is what it is
This thing called Your Life.


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